Our company brings celebrity advocates, funders, and nonprofit organizations together to advance social good.

We are improving the health of communities, one individual at a time. Help us to connect our services with those organizations that need them most.

Our specialty is bringing health communication service and expertise to organizations and expanding their ability to reach their missions. We understand that expert health communications is often a luxury (or undervalued) service for many non-profits, governmental organizations or corporations seeking to do social good.

We encourage investors and philanthropists to support our Angel Network in order to help connect our services with the organizations who need them most – at no cost to them.

The Center for Healthcare and Policy Communications can work with you to identify the public health or healthcare issue that matters most to your brand and strategize about the best partner for you to reach your desired goals. With your generous support, the CHPC will work with the selected organization(s) to create compelling campaigns, products, partnerships, or grant application narratives.

To learn more about our Angel Network, please contact us.

Nothing is given without service and responsibility.

Sojourner and Lindsey