The Center for Healthcare and Policy Communications (formerly MLP Communications) is a think tank that identifies and promotes innovative and effective solutions for today’s healthcare landscape. CHPC offers health program and intervention planning, communications consultation, grant writing, community events and health policy leadership. The CHPC is an independent, non-partisan educational institute dedicated to promoting positive health behavior changes in individuals and communities, by designing health communication approaches based on science and consumer research.

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About the Founder

Monica Lindsey Ponder, MS, MSPH

Founder/Executive Director, Center for Healthcare and Policy Communications

Monica L. Ponder, MS, MSPH is a health and scientific communications professional residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Monica has worked in health communication for nearly 10 years and also leads several community initiatives under the arm of the Atlanta-based think tank, the Center for Healthcare and Policy Communications (CHPC). As a health scientist, she designs and implements health initiatives that predictably translate into business success. Trained professionally as a chemist and epidemiologist, Monica uses this unique training mix to translate scientific information into various communications products, in order to positively impact the healthcare system and communities.

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Monica Ponder is a scientist and health communicator passionately advocating for the needs of women, children and vulnerable populations.