The Center for Healthcare and Policy Communications (CHPC) is an emerging leader of health and policy communications strategy, with an impressive portfolio of events, successful partnerships and campaigns. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the CHPC designs compelling health, policy and community-based campaigns to help you engage those vital to your success. The CHPC is committed to working with partners to pursue positive changes in individuals and communities, by designing health communication approaches based on science and consumer research.

The Center for Healthcare and Policy Communications helps create campaigns, program and policy proposals, communications products, or partnerships – and then communicates success stories that bolster your status in the world of health. We can expertly craft grant application narratives that capture your ability to solve the issue at hand.

Our services

  • Civic, Social Good, and Health-related Event Planning and Campaign Design/Implementation
  • Policy Analysis, Proposals and Talking Points
  • Public Relations Management and Marketing Support
  • Grant Writing and Organizational Strategic Planning
  • Audience Research and Program Evaluation
  • Communications Product Development

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“In the world of health, publicity or policy change only comes into play once you have something notable to say. I design your efforts from the ground up to be newsworthy, engaging and measurable. And always evidence-based.”

Monica Lindsey Ponder, Founder/Executive Director
Center for Healthcare and Policy Communications

our outreach

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A highlight of our community partners

A highlight of our community partners