MLP Communications, Inc. values the active “building of community”. This means that we recognize that no one person can take on the burden of successfully leading this generation of social progress. We offer a unique expertise that translates epidemiological data (e.g. describing who exactly is sick, hurt, impacted and why) into effective public health solutions. We can’t boil the ocean or solve every issue, but we know what we do well…and we stand by that.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, MLP Communications offers offers four (4) key services/activities:

  1. Consultation on public health program strategy

    Do you have a community-based organization, nonprofit, passion for an issue, or socially conscious corporation? If so, what public health problem are you seeking to solve or impact? We offer initial consultations and provide recommendations on the best approach to meet your mission and goals. From there, we provide a variety of capacity building and support services for implementation (e.g. strategic communication planning, social media strategy development, health campaign development, community event or campaign activation, consumer research or focus groups, literature reviews, public health program design, strategic planning for nonprofits, etc.).

  2. Trainings and seminars

    We are constantly adding seminars and trainings to our calendar, so please check back frequently. Below are a few standing opportunities (digital course):

    • Crisis Communication for health care and public health providers
    • Healthy relationships, digital agency and sex education (for adolescents and teens)
    • Basics of grant writing
    • Advocacy 101 (social movements in the digital age)
    • American Government/Civics 101
  3. Community events and health issue thought leadership

    At the core of what we do is community activism – we do the work. That means that we are always actively “friend raising” and seeking new supports to help us amplify and refine that “good work” (e.g. community-based activities that actually contribute to long-term progressive change. Please support our work by following:

    • Monica Lindsey Ponder (a social activism blog)
    • Social media
    • Sharing MLP Communications, Inc. produced special projects and reports
    • Supporting Issue-based campaigns
  4. Speaking engagements

    To submit a speaker inquiry, please contact us.

Health Fair

A highlight of our community partners

A highlight of our community partners