MLP Communications values the active “building of community”. We recognize that no one can take on the burden of advancing social progress alone. Our goal is to identify the most effective (and innovative) public health solutions – and it takes strategic partnerships and community building to achieve this.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, MLP Communications offers four (4) core services:

  1. Consultation on public health program strategy  As a public health partner, what community problem are you seeking to solve? What audience do you desire to reach with your initiative? We offer expert consultations and can provide evidence-based recommendations to meet your mission and goals. From there, we provide a variety of capacity building and support services for implementation (e.g. strategic communication planning, social media strategy development, public health campaign development, message mapping, community event planning/activations, secondary consumer research, focus group design and facilitation, literature reviews, public health intervention design, strategic planning consultation). Let’s work together to advance social progress. Contact us.
  2. Providing public health communication-related training  We believe in community building and community education. Examples of training topics that we offer include: Crisis Communication for health care and public health providers; Understanding healthy relationships, digital agency and human sexuality (for adolescents and teens); Basics of grant writin; and Advocacy 101 (social movements in the digital age). We constantly add trainings to our calendar, so please follow our blog and social media to remain connected, or contact us.
  3. Planning community events  At the core of what we do is community activism – we do the work. We are always actively “friend raising” and seeking new supporters to help us amplify and refine what we like to call that “good work” (defined as community-based and grassroots activities that contribute to long-term progressive change). You may follow our work in the following ways:
    • Subscribe to our social activism blog
    • Follow our social media pages: Twitter and Instagram
    • Support MLP Communications-sponsored events and spread the word when new products and public health campaigns are launched.
  4. Public health-related thought leadership We recognize that the the nation’s health care and public health landscapes are ever-changing and that the contributing issues to our community challenges are complex. Our perspective is unique: let us bring our experience and expertise to your organization. MLP Communications was founded in 2008 by Monica Lindsey Ponder, MS, MSPH, PhD(abd). Monica is a community activist, public health communicator and social epidemiologist with more than 15 years experience working successfully in public health and the community (you may read her bio here).  If you would like to request Monica Lindsey Ponder to speak at your event or for media inquiries, please contact us.

This is Parker, an attendee of one of our successful community health events.

Health Fair

Attendees of our community events are provided with health education materials and other goodies.

An image from a successful public health campaign created by our team. "Would you eat in the bathroom?" led to the establishment of lactation pods at the Atlanta airport. Prior to this, the airport had no private, quiet or optional space for mothers to breastfeed or pump.

A highlight of our community partners

A highlight of our community partners