MLP Communications, Inc. uses expertise in epidemiology, public health and sociology to help solve some of our nation’s biggest health and social issues. Through volunteerism, storytelling, partner engagement, and compassion, MLP Communications has worked with many socially conscious entities to amplify the right actions and accelerate social progress.

Our specialty is partnering with community leaders or consulting on public health program planning activities to advance social progress. Some of our successes include:

  • Partnership with an Atlanta-based mommy blogger to successfully advocate for the establishment of lactation rooms at the world’s largest airport, Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.
  • Leading advancement efforts (nearly $2 million) to develop a public health campaign targeting African American men in the Southeastern U.S. to reduce heart attack and stroke incidence.
  • Facilitating community and partner convenings on marijuana decriminalization in local communities.
  • Partnering with local government organizations to host documentary film screening(s) to educated minority communities of healthy nutrition and cultural dietary patterns.
  • Providing expert consumer research analysis and social listening on controversial public health issues (e.g. breastfeeding in public, marijuana and public health).
  • Serving as an influencer, community partner and activator for organizations seeking to engage minority, vulnerable, rural and at-risk populations.

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